Rupert in Mirrorland is the 47th episode of Rupert (TV series) and the 8th episode of season 4.

Rupert finds himself in Mirrorland, where The Professor's ill-tempered reflection threatens to destroy everything in his bid to cross through to Nutwood.



  • Rupert
  • Bill Badger
  • The Professor
  • Algy Pug
  • Pong Ping
  • Mrs. Bear
  • Mr. Bear


Trivia and Goofs

  • Goof: When Rupert turns off his alarm clock, the half of his hand is missing when he presses it.
  • Goof: When Rupert is getting his sweater on, his scarf is already tightly tied upon the place where his neck should be. This should be impossible because the scarf hasn't anything to hold on to.
  • Goof: When Rupert meets the Professor's mirrorreflection for the first time and explains that he came out of the mirror, the mirror reflection of The Professor looks into the mirror. There appears a other mirrorreflection of him in the mirror, but this should be impossible because HE is the mirror reflection and the real professor was in the dungeons of the mirror reflection.
  • The opening provokes the suggestion that Rupert slept in his bed with his yellow-bricked trousers and socks on, and without a shirt covering his torso. This is a weird combination becaue Rupert normally always sleeps in pyjama's (covering his entire body) and never with part of his clothes on, what already is a weird thing to do.
  • When Rupert and his mom are walking back from the mirror, their mirrorreflections keep standing and look suprised to eachother. This indicates that the reflection of Rupert already must have known that something was wrong before the real Rupert.
  • Only the reflections of the Professor, Ping-Pong and Algy did have a other personality.
  • Rupert never met his mirror reflection in mirrorland. His reflection was almost the entire episode looking for Bill in Nutwood. At the end of the episode they met in Rupert's house. Altough everything was back to normal, only Rupert's reflection was still able to speak and behave different then the real Rupert from Mirrorland.


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