Rupert and the Temple Ruins is the 14th episode of Rupert (TV series) and the 1st episode of season 2.

Rupert, Edward, and The Professor set out on a pleasant balloon ride, which soon turns into a harrowing adventure amongst ancient temple ruins on a remote tropical isle.





  • The first episode starring Julie Lemieux as the voice of Rupert.
  • First appearance of Edward Trunk.
  • First time that a new version of the opening theme is being used in the series.
    • Also a new version of the outro music for the closing credits is being used for the first time.
  • One of the few episodes were Rupert isn't the one who rescues others, but the one who has to be rescued.
  • At the end of the episode, it's the first time that Rupert says he's done with adventures for a while and admits that it was a close call for him to be still alive. Normally he never admits/denies this and is more excited for the next one and about the previous one.


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Rupert and the Temple Ruins

Rupert and the Temple Ruins