Rupert and the Space Pilots is the 49th episode of Rupert (TV series) and the 10th episode of season 4.

While Freddy and Ferdie have the town fooled into thinking that evil aliens landed in Nutwood, Rupert has a real encounter with aliens who are not evil but are instead young and helpless.




  • Podgy Pig: ''Did I miss anything?'' Bill Badger: ''No, Podgy. It looks like you pretty much got everything.''
  • Rupert Bear:So they have another trick of their sleeves, did they?


  • At the policestation at Constable Growler's office, there are wanted posters hanging on the Bulletin board on the wall. One of the posters says ''Wanted: Dale, Shcit'', possibly a reference to former Director Dale Schott. The other one only says ''Ross'', possibly a reference to Sandy Ross, the executive of production for the series.
  • This is the only time in the series that constable Growler's family is mentioned and seen.
  • Willy Mouse makes a short cameo in this episode when he runs away from Freddy and Ferdy Fox
  • Goof: When Constable Growler meets the aliens, he politely shakes hands with them. In that scene, his leftarm and shoulder are covering a part of his face, instead of being attached to his torso. This is a animation error that somehow wasn't noticed in production.

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