Rupert and the Lost Memory is the 34th episode of Rupert (TV series) and the 8th episode of season 3.

In this episode: In a bid to get his hands on The Professor's latest invention, a misguided inventor named Dennis Finch, steals the entire Nutwood file from the Memory Bank, the place where everyone's memories are stored. Meanwhile, Bill is getting stuck in a mirror due to the professor's latest invention.



  • Rupert
  • Bill Badger
  • The Professor
  • Dennis Finch
  • The Old Wise Goat
  • Mr. Bear
  • Mrs. Bear
  • Edward Trunk
  • Cecil Pig



  • This is the only episode where a possible mention of a year in which the series takes place is given. At the professor's laboratory, a poster is hanging on the wall saying '''May-June '57''. This indicates that the timeline of the series is taking place between 1950 and 1960, the years that Alfred Bestall drawn most of his Rupert stories.
  • This is the only episode where The Professor and the Old, wise goat both appear in and speak to each other.


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