Rupert and the Little Bear is the 55th episode of Rupert and the 3th episode of season 5.

The constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear) escapes and Rupert and Podgy help return him to the sky where he belongs. Meanwhile the Ursa Major (Big Bear) is desperately looking for her cub.



  • Rupert
  • Podgy Pig
  • Mr. Bear
  • Mrs. Bear
  • The Wise Old Goat


  • Mr. Bear to Mrs. Bear when he sees the Ursa Major (The Big Bear) in his garden: ''Dear, do we have any giant, glowing relatives?'' Mrs. Bear: ''Come back to bed dear. You're having a dream''.


  • Bingo Pup makes his first (and last) cameo in the entire series.
  • Also one of the rabbit twins (either Reggie or Rex Rabbit) can be seen, sitting alone in the classroom.
  • When Mr. Bear sees The Old Wise Goat bundling from his roof out of the window, he wakes up his wive for the 2nd time to tell her he saw something odd outsid. Mrs. Bear says ''Oh really dear. No more cookies for you before bedtime''. The cookies could be a synonymous for liquor,which means that Mr. Bear drunk a alcoholic drink before he went to bed. Because mentioning liquor is a no-go in a childrens show, the writers could have used cookies as the synonymous.


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Rupert and The Little Bear

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