Rupert and the Lamp is the 24th episode of Rupert and the 11th episode of Season 2.

A flying carpet whisks Rupert and Bill far from home, where they free the people of Shandalar from the tyrannical rule of an evil Genie.



  • Rupert
  • Bill Badger
  • The ruler of Shandalar / The magic carpet
  • The evil genie


  • Bill: Probably came from the Dark ages.
  • Bill: Hey! Stop that! Down, Carpet! Down! Rupert (laughs): I don't think it wants to give you a ride, Bill. But it does want the lamp. Bill: Well, it's ours. We've found it! Finders keepers-- Ow! Now, cut that out!
  • Rupert after finding the lamp: ''You know Bill, ever since i woke up this morning, i've had a feeling we were in for an adventure''.
  • Bill I don't suppose you wish for a giant black eagle, Rupert.
  • Bill a few scenes later when he and Rupert are being taken away in the magical carpet by the big black eagle: ''Remember you told me you woke up this morning feeling there was an adventure just around the corner?'' Rupert: ''Yes?''. Bill: ''Next time you get that feeling, do me a favor would you?''. Rupert: ''What's that?'' Bill: ''Go back to bed!''
  • Rupert: "Where do you think he's taking us?" Bill: "Don't asked me!"


  • Goof: When Bill tells Rupert to Go back to bed, the next time he feels like an adventure is around the corner, while there are trapped in the magical carpet, one of Rupert's blocks on his scarf his miscoulerd white, like his fur, instead of the usual yellow.


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Rupert and the Lamp

Rupert and the Lamp