Rupert and the Hedgehog is the 30th episode of Rupert (TV series) and the 4th episode of season 3.

In this episode, Rupert and Bill's experiment with the art of topiary leads them to use a bit too much of The Professor's new growth formula to restore one of Dad's favorite shrubs to its proper size, which results in a "hedgehog" the size of a tour bus running loose through the Nutwood countryside.




  • Bill: ''I have a vision Rupert!'' Rupert: ''That's what i'm afraid off''
  • Rupert:' ''Off all the misadventures we've had Bill, this tops them all!'' Bill: ''It's not all your fault Rupert. The professor really should have invented an anti-grow formule too.'' Rupert: 'Anti-grow? That's it Bill!'' Bill: ''Right, i'm sure the cornershop will have some right beside the pixie dust''



  • This episode is remarkable for the many times that Bill tried to blame Rupert for everything and how sarcastic and obnoxious he can be. He also does a lot without thinking about the consequences, causing more trouble.

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