Rupert and the Greedy Princess is a early Rupert story, illustrated by Mary Tourtel.


Rupert is kidnapped by two evil men and taken to a castle. There the castle's queen tells him that he is to entertain her daughter, a somewhat manic-depressive girl with an eating disorder. Rupert's mission is to improve the greedy princess's social skills, but even brave Little Bear is unsuccessful. Rupert and the Princess are later kidnapped and left alone deep in the woods. They meet a mysterious old woman who asks them for food. As always Rupert follows good fairy tale logic and agrees, but the princess refuses and they continue on. Later, Rupert and the Princess are taken captive by the old woman, actually a witch of some kind. During several weeks of imprisonment both Rupert and the princess are forced to perform manual labour and starved. Eventually the old dame decides that the greedy princess (now much slimmed down and humbled) has learned her lesson and she returns the princess to her mother and Rupert back home.