Rupert and the Giant is the 40th episode of Rupert and the 1st episode of Season 4.

After stumbling upon a Giant's castle, Rupert must rescue Bill from the clutches of a baby giant who decides the cuddly badger is his favorite new dolly.



  • Rupert Bear
  • Bill Badger
  • Mrs. Badger
  • Toby



  • The episode surroundings and the story of Rupert wandering in a other world with giants, resembles much of the stories illustrated and written by Mary Tourtel.
  • First and only appearance of Mrs. Badger in the series
  • One of the mice calls Rupert a ''goody two shoes'' (a person who tries to be as good and honest as humanly possible). This word is also used by people who criticize or don't like Rupert's character as they often describe him with that word.


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