Rupert and the Firebird is the 25th episode of Rupert and the 12th episode of season 2.

A little bird that thinks Rupert is his mother turns out to have some surprising, and dangerous, abilities.



  • Rupert
  • Bill Badger
  • Podgy Pig
  • The Professor
  • Bernie
  • Mr. Bear
  • Mrs. Bear
  • Cedric Pig
  • Constable Growler


Trivia and Goofs

  • When everyone arrives at the lake, Mr. Bear runs towards the firefighters to stop them from extinguish Bernie, because Rupert is in the air. He is wearing his normal clothing. Later he stands behind the fire extinguisher with two other firefighters in a firefighter costume. At the end of the scene, he stand next to Rupert wearing his normal clothes again.

Differences with the Original story


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Rupert and the Firebird

Rupert and the Firebird