Rupert and the BIGsmall Machine is the 19th episode of Rupert and the 6th episode of season 2.

Rupert and Podgy must prevent a rival inventor from stealing all of The Professor's gadgets, after his latest invention accidentally shrinks them to the size of insects.



  • Rupert
  • Podgy Pig
  • Mr. Bear
  • Mrs. Bear
  • The Professor
  • Constable Growler
  • Domina
  • Otis


  • Podgy Pig:Hey! What's the big idea?!


  • One of the few episodes where Rupert doesn't wear his trademark yellow, checkered scarf in most of the episode's runtime. He loses it after being shrunken, but The Professor finds it and keeps it. Thanks to finding the scarf he finds out that someone is using his BIGsmall Machine and what happend to Rupert and Podgy.
  • One of the few episodes where Rupert fights against villians, who don't know about his presence. The entire episode he is shrunk and therefore he isn't noticed by Domina or Otis.
  • In this episode the Dogs are the villians. Most dogs in Rupert's world are police officers and therefore not villain.
  • This episode is probably loosely based on the story Rupert and the Magic Seeds


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Rupert & the BIGsmall Machine

Rupert & the BIGsmall Machine