Rupert and Algy's Misadventure is the 3th episode of the series and the 3th episode of season 1 of Rupert (TV series).

Algy learns a lesson about letting his curiosity get the better of him when he accidentally sends himself back to medieval England in The Wise Old Goat's time machine. It's up to Rupert to follow Algy and rescue him from the hands of an evil knight.



  • Rupert
  • Algy Pug (cartoon debut)
  • The Wise Old Goat (cartoon debut)
  • Bill Badger (cartoon debut)
  • Sir Guy
  • The professor's tower


  • Wise Old Goat:Great Jupiter!
  • Algy Pug: I'd wonder what's happening to Rupert? And... And what's gonna happened to me?
  • Just look at me! I'd look misery!


  • Algy Pug:Rupert! Please take me away from this, It's out of control, I'm beside myself! Really beside myself!
  • Rupert Bear:Try to calm down, Algy!



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Rupert and Algy's Misadventure

Rupert and Algy's Misadventure