Rupert Bear is the main character of the Rupert Bear franchise, who appears in all forms of media including books, films, television series etc.

He lives with his parents Mr Bear and Mrs. Bear in Nutwood.

In the 1990s television series he is voiced by Ben Sandford (Season 1) and Julie Lemieux (Seasons 2-5)


Rupert Bear is a white (brown in the original stories, some television and merchandise appearances and the covers on the annuals) bear cub and the son of Mr and Mrs. Bear. He lives in Nutwood.

Rupert is considerate, smart, resourceful, brave, trusty, good spirited white bear who is extremely popular with all the residents in Nutwood.

Rupert enjoys a safe, cosy home life. He has doting parents who are supportive of him in everything that he does, no matter how daring or dangerous, and who only get mildly anxious when he comes back late from one of his expeditions. Rupert is the ideal son, obedient, considerate, and warm hearted with a natural curiosity and an anxiety to please everyone. But just like any other child of his age (7-8 years) he can be vulnerable, get upset and reduced to tears.

On occasion he breaks the fourth wall in addressing his observations and making comments to the viewer.


Rupert's family is considered small, although he has relatives all around the world. His direct family is small as he is a only child (he has no brothers or sisters) living with his parents. His grandparents from motherside and fatherside are not mentioned and it's believed that they are past away.

In Popular Culture

  • Stewie Griffin's teddybear 'Rupert', from the show Family Guy is probably named after Rupert. The character Stewie is well-spoken, with an upper-class British accent and is most of the time in company with his bear Rupert.
  • Rupert was a favorite victim in comics from Ronald Giles. He never agreed with the Express's politics, but drew his comics for them. He got his revenge in jokes like poor slaughtered Rupert Bear - who was also executed by firing squad, hanging and ripped apart by the Family's dog, in cartoons published between 1971 and 1982.


  • Rupert narrator Ray Brooks didn't like voicing the main character in rhyme. He thought it was stupid and would drink beer to get through show. He even claimed taking on the role was the worst decision of his career. Ray spent five years narrating Rupert in the 36 BBC episodes between 1985 to 1988.