Podgy Pig is one of the main characters of Rupert (Books and TV series) He is voiced by Hadley Kay.


Podgy is shown to be a anthropomorphic pig, wearing tan suit with a red vest, and black bowtie, black socks, and brown shoes.



Podgy Pig is Jolly, yet greedy, not brightly intently with a large appetizer, also a lazy cowardly individual, But a good-hearted chum, & having guts. He joined many adventures with his friends. And sometimes a hungrier stooge of Nutwood, ironically He's very friendly to others like Rupert, Bill, & Algy.


  • Rupert Bear - Leader/Best chums
  • Bill the Badger - Best chums
  • Algy Pug - Best chums
  • Ottoline The Otter - Friend
  • Cedric Pig - Father
  • Lillian ("Lilly") Pig - Mother
  • Hector - Uncle (mentioned in Rupert & the Great Mephisto)
  • Rosalie - Cousin (in Rupert & The Sea Serpent)
  • The Sandman - Rescuer (in Rupert & Podgy in Dreamland)
  • Gigantic Pickle monster - Enemy (in Rupert & Podgy in Dreamland)
  • Fox twins (Freddy, & Ferdy) - Bullies/rival classmates


In The Nelvana series:

Podgy Pig adventure role with Rupert on the Rupert show.