Bruintje Beer or Bruin Beer (Little Brown Bear) is the Dutch version/Look-a-like and/or Dutch name given to Rupert Bear and the Rupert stories.

Differences between Rupert and Bruintje

  • Bruintje Beer's fur was in his original appearances and merchandise much darker then Rupert. Later in the 1930's he got the same brown fur as Rupert.
  • In the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's Bruintje wore a red jumper and a yellow-checked scarf, like Rupert. But his trousers wer green-checked instead of yellow. Bruintje was also presented wearing a light blue jumper, but with a white/red-checked scarf and a yellow/red-checked trousers on the boxes of the Bruintje Beer biscuits, made by Branbergen


  • Altough Paul McCartney's Rupert and the Frog Song was never dubbed in the Dutch language, it was renamed to ''Bruintje Beer gaat naar het kikkerconcert'' for the Dutch television. It's has been broadcasted several times on television with that name in the Netherlands. The first time was in December 1987 and still is broadcasted almost every year on Dutch television.
  • The 1991 Nelvana series first broadcasted in The Netherlands in 1996. Altough the series was dubbed in Dutch, the name of the series wasn't changed nor his title card and it was still showing Rupert. Even in every Dutch TV Guide of that time it was announced as 'Rupert'. But the characters kept their Original, Dutch names, given to them in the late 20's and 30's or later, so Rupert was still named Bruintje in this dubbed version.
  • The only statue of Rupert or Bruintje in the world stands in Musselkanaal in The Netherlands. It's located near the old location of the Branbergen factory who used to use Rupert as their mascot. It was revealed in 1995 by Dutch artist Henny Zandjans. The statue is not well known or liked due the fact that the artist didn't make a real-like statue of Rupert/Bruintje and even changed the clothing the bear, who also doesn't resemble Rupert/Bruintje, is wearing.
  • The Disney character Br'er Bear from the Disney film Song of the South is a populair character in modern cartoons, who appear in the Dutch Donald Duck Magazine. In Dutch his name is Bruin Beer. This was confusing with the name given to Rupert; BruintTJE Beer, for young children and even sometimes for the editors who sometimes mixed up the names.
  • Since 2007 the annual Bruintje Beer Tocht is being held in Stadskanaal. It's a big cycle event to raise money for good purposes. Rupert is being used in the logo, but it's the 2006 Follow the Magic version of Rupert.