Bill Badger is one of the main characters of Rupert (Books and TV series).

In the TV series he is voiced by Torquil Campbell.


Bill is shown to be a anthropomorphic Badger, wearing a blue jacket with a red/yellow waistcoat and white shirt under it, a big red bow tie, light gray pants and dark blue shoes.


Bill is Rupert's long standing best friend, who is always there for him in times of trouble and tries to look on the bright side of things. He also has a good sense of fun.

However in the TV series, his personality is shown to be a little different from the stories as he has flaws of cowardice, impatience, clumsiness, a quick temper.

In spite of this, he is still a loyal friend to Rupert.


"Ow! Now cut that out!"

"Go back to bed!"



  • Being Rupert's best friend, Bill had appeared in more adventures with Rupert than any other character.